Entradas / Appetizers

Papa a la Huancaina

Slices boiled potatoes covered w/ traditional yellow cream


Yuca a la Huancaina

Slices fried cassava cover w/traditional yellow cream



Slices boiled potatoes cover w/traditional green cream



Slices boiled potatoes cover w / sauce cream


Papa Tres Cremas

Slices boiled potatoes cover w/ yellow, green & sauce cream


Papa Rellena

Beef stuffed potato


Causa de Pollo

Cold Mashed yellow potato flavored w/lime & pepper filled w/chicken salad


Causa de Atun

Cold Mashed yellow potato flavored w/lime & pepper filled w/tuna salad


Palta rellena (Pollo o Camarones)

Stuffed avocado filled w/ chicken or shrimp  salad

$12.00 $19.00

Salchipapa Don Pepe

Fried hot dogs over French fries w/ special creams



Fried hot dogs over fried cassava w/special creams



Fried hot dogs and chicken over French fries



Spanish sausage with fries


Choritos a la Chalaca 1/2 Docena - 1 Docena

Green shells mussels w/ onions, tomatoes & corn

$14.00 - $21.00

Causa encevichada or Causa con lomo

Cold mashed potatoes w/fish ceviche or lomo saltado on top


Leche de tigre

Tiger milk, it is the concentration of the ceviche juice


Leche de pantera

Panther milk, it is the concentration from black shells juice


Leche de monja

It is a mixture of tiger milk & black shells juice


Coctel de Camarones

Shrimp cocktail



fried caviar w/fried cassava & onion salad


Choclo con queso

Peruvian corn w/ cheese


Empanada (pollo o carne)

Chicken or beef empanada